Daemon Club


Daemon Club is a mechanically intriguing turn-based strategy game focused on creativity and competitive multiplayer.

Daemon Club invites players to command a team of otherworldly creatures with elemental powers to fight opponents for status, money, and the thrill of a good fight. With a focus on player freedom, it is perfect for anyone looking for an alternative to collectible card games and is approachable for casual and competitive players alike.

The sheer number of options available to players is the cornerstone of Daemon Club. Each player can create and adapt their tactics to outsmart and outplay opponents. Players assemble a team of 6 daemons, each of which can learn up to 4 different techniques and equip an item. Each daemon comes with a number of distinct passive effects called "Tags", and the entire team can have up to 2 perks assigned to it. Players can also learn a special invocation: an ability which they can use at any time. With a constant stream of updates and content, there are countless possibilities for players to discover, create, and master.


  • Multiplayer and laddering system. Players are able to test their mettle against opponents to determine the best evokers in the club.
  • Connect with your friends and challenge them through your friends list. Talk tactics or chill out.
  • Room to collect and grow. Players can continue to expand their daemonic repertoire as new content is released.
  • Customize your profile with avatars and medals.
  • Challenge Series: special single player challenge mode for players to gauge their accomplishment by unlocking achievements and skills.
  • Story mode with a hand-crafted overworld map and a colorful cast of AI opponents.
  • Bold and colorful art style that borrows the best of modern "flat" design and art-deco.
  • More strategic possibilities than you can count!

Join The Club

  • With an active patching system and planned regular content releases, the game will never stop expanding.
  • Players can summon sea monsters to swallow their enemies whole, casually toss cigarettes that set their opponents ablaze, unleash a plague upon their foes, and engage in a good old-fashioned beatdown: there's a fighting style for everyone!
  • Club members have been reporting a string of thefts. Discover who is behind these crimes while while exploring the loud and eccentric Steel City.


Daemon Club was originally conceived as a digital card game. When it was obvious that the genre was being flooded, the focus was redesigned and inspired by competitive Pokemon to be more like a JRPG. The game's purpose was shifted to focus on fusing the strategic depth from CCGs with the mechanical simplicity of a JRPG.