Valentines 2018

Happy Valentine’s day everyone. As always, we’ve been hard at work. But sadly, we’re going to be ghosting you for a few weeks. That’s right. We’re going to go radio silent on the blog front while we finish upgrading Daemon Club. Overall development is far from over still, but with this upgrade we’ll be bringing you a much more accessible Daemon Club. Get ready to play on your phones y’all!

The main thing you’ll notice when visiting Daemon Club once we update is the UI/UX of the site will change to something a bit friendlier, and more polished. I’ve been working hard on designing that the past couple weeks, and it means that we’re going to have a killer UI on mobile, and desktop that should be easier to use than what we have now. Plus, you know, it will be functional on mobile which is kind of huge.

Bryan, meanwhile, has had his nose to the grindstone, working to upgrade the whole of the site and game to bring you this fancy pants new UI, and mobile app. Unfortunately, he still has a ton of work ahead of him and is pouring all of his time into that work, rather than the blog. So you may feel you haven’t heard from him in a while, but he’s still here, and still working hard to improve things. He’ll probably be the one who posts next when we emerge from our caves.

Finally, I’d like to offer an apology for our inconsistent blogging habits the past couple of weeks. We have about 5 different blogs that are written up, ready to post, but they need to be finalized and we’d rather finish development on this big upgrade before presenting anything more.

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on! See you in a few weeks, and until then you can still play the current demo of Daemon Club and give us feedback on mechanics, and numbers, and builds. Thanks for reading!

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