A multiplayer turn-based strategy game with millions of possibilities.

Outsmart. Compete. Dominate.

Join The Club.

The Game Aridia

Daemon Club is turn-based strategy game that adds new mechanics and depth to the traditional "monster battler" genre. Players control a team of daemons to outsmart their opponents and advance in the club.

Pit yourself against the club's many cliques or fight your way to the top of the PvP ladder. Daemon Club is about creating your own, unique, playstyle and adapting to your opponent!

Features Plasmius


  • 42 uniquely designed daemons.
  • 107 techniques for your daemons to use in battle! Each technique has a unique animation.
  • Multiplayer games
  • AI Battles

Coming Soon!

  • Story Mode
  • Challenges: play against every clique in the club.
  • Open Beta!